High Reflective Index Ball Lens Caps

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Efficient but not exorbitant

The Transistor outlin caps fulfill two primary functions. First, they protect the optical components of transmission as well as reception applications. Second, they ensure the transmission of the optical signals by acting as an optical interface. 

SCHOTT High Refractive Index Ball Lens Caps are low-cost alternative for Aspherical lens in PON market for Laser Packaging.

Product Features

  • Available in diameters from 0.8 – 2.0mm
  • Various high refractive index lens material to choose from
  • Turned metal caps available in SF20T, SF20F, and other stainless steel versions
  • Coupling Efficiency up to 30%
  • Beneficial for Rx with small spot size, 20µm
  • Many options to complement headers
TO cap with patent
TO cap with patent-2
Lens material       n
LaSF H17 2.00
K-VC89 1.81
N-LaSF 44 1.78

Product Performance

High Reflective Cap Graph 1
Lens: Ball Lens, n=1.974, diameter=1.5mm

Laser diode: 1550nm, 28*34ed (FWHM)
Fiber: Standard Single Mode Fiber (SMF)
High Reflective Cap Graph 2

Anti Reflection Coating is available

High Reflective Cap Graph 3

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