Microelectronic/ Hybrid Packages and Multilayer Ceramic Substrates

Hermetic microelectronic packages, also often referred to as hybrid packages, multi-chip module housings or IC packages are used to ‘package’ and thereby protect sensitive electronic components and complete electrical assemblies from harsh environmental conditions, including high temperature-, shock- and vibration-resistance. At the same time, the vacuum-tight housings and substrates must enable power and signal transmission (electrical and optical) into/ out of the package.

Hermetically sealed microelectronic housings and ceramic multilayer substrates are essential to both protect and facilitate the reliable, long-term functionality of sensitive measurement or control electronics in a variety of harsh-environment applications:
  • Defense, Aviation and Aerospace applications: microwave power amplification in aerospace communication, e-Scan radar (TRM transmit and receive modules, microwave and power supply systems), laser warning receivers, cooled IR detection, uncooled IR detection or high-temperature sensors, and more
  • Industrial applications, including sensors, geotectonics, measurement equipment, chemical engineering equipment, and more
  • Oil & Gas applications, for example Wireline and MWD electronics (MWD: measure while drilling) Electronics (motor controllers), and more
  • Medical electronics, including medical treatment and diagnosis systems, and more.

...our products: Multi-Pin MCM Packages - Hermetic IC Packages - Microwave Packages - Amplifier Packages - RF Packages - Power Packages with high thermal conductivity - Fine-Pitch HTCC Substrates and Circuit Boards - Dewar Flanges - TO headers and caps - and many more.
Custom-Made Hermetic Fine Pitch HTCC Substrates - HTCC Multilayer Ceramic Circuit Boards
Custom-Made Hermetic Lightweight Package with Glass-to-Metal Sealed Feedthroughs for Telecom or Aerospace Applications
Customized Hermetic Multi-Pin Glass-to-Metal Sealed Microwave Package for Defense or Radar Applications
Custom-Made Hermetic Power Amplifier Package with HTCC Multilayer Ceramic Feedthroughs for Aerospace Applications
Customized Glass-to-Metal Sealed Hermetic Package with Co-Axial RF Feedthroughs
Customized Hermetic Co-Planar RF Multilayer Ceramic HTCC Package for Aerospace Applications
Customized Hermetic Co-Planar RF Multilayer Ceramic Package
Customized Hermetic Dewar Flange with HTCC Circuit Board Feedthrough Substrate For Thermal Imaging and Defense Applications
Custom-Made Hermetic Glass-to-Metal Sealed High Power Package for Industrial Applications
Customized Hermetic High Power Modulator Housing with HTCC Feedthroughs
Customized Hermetic HTCC Multilayer Ceramic Connector Feedthroughs
Customized Hermetic Microelectronic Package with Co-Planar RF and DC Feedthroughs
Customized Hermetic Optical Housing with Glass-to-Metal and Ceramic-to-Metal Sealed High Power Feedthroughs for Defense Laser Warner Applications
Customized Hermetic Package or Lid with Multilayer Ceramic High IO Count Pad Array
Customized Hermetic Package with Glass-to-Metal Sealed Feedthroughs for Telecom or Aerospace Applications
Customized Hermetic Power and Amplifier Package with Ceramic RF Feedthroughs for Aerospace Applications
Customized Hermetic Power Package with Optical Interface and Multilayer Ceramic Feedthroughs
Customized Hermetic Small Form Factor HTCC Multilayer Ceramic Package for Aerospace Applications
Customized Hermetic Titanium Housing with Fine Pitch HTCC Substrate for Industrial Oil Gas Applications
Customized High Power Package with Optical Interface and Multilayer Ceramic Feedthroughs for Industrial Applications

First-Class Product Quality and Operational Excellence
For safety-relevant or mission-critical electronics, uncompromising reliability of microelectronic packages and substrates is of the utmost importance. As a dedicated and decades-long supplier to the industry, SCHOTT manufactures products that meet the highest performance and lifetime expectations, even in working environments with extreme pressure, vibrations and temperatures in excess of 175 degrees Celsius (347° F).

When it comes to reliability, SCHOTT offers quality beyond just the product: we have a flexible internal set-up and place high importance on operational excellence across the board, including R&D, production, and administrative services.

Unmatched Technical Design Support and Consultation
When working with customers, SCHOTT’s experts draw on more than 75 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hermetically-sealed packages. Our technical know-how and design capabilities encompass Glass-to-Metal-, Ceramic-to-Metal- (CerTMS®) and Multilayer High-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) technologies. Utilizing decades of comprehensive expertise, SCHOTT can cater to customer-specific interface needs, resulting in fully customized microelectronic packages and substrates optimized to fulfill electrical, mechanical, optical and thermal requirements.

Miniaturization and Thermal Management: The Advantages of HTCC Multilayer Ceramics
In addition to its signature Glass-to-Metal Sealing technology expertise, SCHOTT has significant in-house capabilities in HTCC (High-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics) technology. Multilayer design enables the production of miniature 3D interconnect solutions, paving the way for high-density input/output capability in small-form-factor hermetic packages for both feedthroughs and multilayer ceramic circuit board substrates. Superior thermal conductivity of HTCC multilayer ceramics and temperature resistance beyond 300 degrees Celsius (572° F) make HTCC substrates a perfect fit for high-power applications.

High-Speed Products. Integrated Solutions.
Catering to the increased need for high-speed microelectronic housings, SCHOTT offers its hybrid packages with high-frequency ports, in the form of either coaxial Glass-to-Metal- or coplanar Ceramic-to-Metal sealed connections. SCHOTT also offers integrated features, such as standard connectors or circuits that are incorporated in the HTCC feedthrough substrate. Such offerings enable reduced headaches and increased efficiency for customers, who can remove these steps from their own production processes.

Long-Term Supply Security from a Reliable European Partner
Due to the nature of their projects, many customers are reliant on long-term partnerships with well-established, financially stable suppliers. SCHOTT’s 130-year history includes its ownership by the Carl Zeiss foundation – an arrangement that signifies a focus on sustainable growth and innovation-minded customer relationships.

All microelectronic housings and substrates are developed and manufactured by a specialized and dedicated team at SCHOTT’s site in Landshut, near Munich. This designates SCHOTT microelectronic components as 100% Made in Germany.
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