LTCC and HTCC Multilayer Packaging & Substrates

Product Description

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging is the only company in Europe that supplies all types of hermetic housing technologies. Apart from its signature glass-to-metal sealing technology, SCHOTT has also accumulated strong know-how in the design and manufacture of customized high temperature cofired multilayer ceramic packages and substrates (HTCC). SCHOTT is also able to supply low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) housings through its partnership with VIA electronic.

Hermetic multilayer ceramic packages and substrates are ideal for more complex packaging solutions, such as micro-electronic-mechanical systems (MEMS) and high frequency applications because such packages are hermetic and enable a large number of electrical feedthroughs within very small spaces.


With the combination of a broad technical competence and worldwide service network, customers can enjoy excellent support from the initial stages of layout development through to manufacturing and final delivery of the ceramic packages. Furthermore, SCHOTT offers:
  • Customized solutions based on a variety of manufacturing processes
  • Fast and efficient development due to high degree of design support from the beginning
  • A variety of mechanical, thermal (ANSYS, ABACUS), optical (ZEMAX) and electrical (HFSS, ADS) simulation tools
  • Worldwide customer support from local manufacturing facilities with technical competence centers


HTCC and LTCC cofired multilayer ceramics are particularly suited for applications with special signal wiring and feedthrough density requirements, such as:
  • Data communication
  • Microwave packaging
  • Industrial lasers
  • Sensor applications (automotive, medical, defense)
  • Power electronics
  • MEMS technology

Technical Details


Multilayer ceramic packages are produced from a combination of metal pastes and ceramic green sheets. These green sheets contain a small proportion of organic substrates to achieve flexibility and the possibility to perform punching and green cutting processes.

SCHOTT has proprietary recipes for green sheets and refractory metal pastes used in the manufacture of HTCC. For LTCC, the DuPont 951 green sheet is widely used in combination with various metal paste systems, depending on the metal surface application (soldering, wire bonding, etc.) Typical processes involve via punching, via filling, screen printing of pattern, laminating and firing.
HTCC and LTCC Multilayer Packages & Substrates
In the final manufacturing step, the two-dimensional green sheets are layered on top of each other to form a three-dimensional multilayer ceramic package.

Two types of multilayer ceramics are available; a full ceramic package (e.g. by providing a cavity for the devices) or an essential component for a more complex hybrid package including additional optical, thermal or mechanical functionalities.

Features / Specifications

Microelectronic packages are customized products manufactured according to customer specifications. A typical package is composed of the metal body, ceramic substrates, optical components (e.g. window, lenses, etc.) and heat sink materials. As such, the design and specifications of different microelectronic packages can vary greatly depending on the application in which they are used in and may, amongst others, include the following features:
  • High density electrical feedthroughs realized by multilayer ceramics (high voltage and current, DC or HF
  • Standard coaxial connectors (SMA, SMP, etc.)
  • Thermal interfaces (heat sinks made from e.g. Cu, CuW or CuMo)
  • Optical interfaces (windows, lenses, fiber optic ferrules, etc.)
  • Mechanical interfaces (housings, brackets, fiducials)

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All products can be packed individually and supplied on trays.

For more information about SCHOTT's high and low temperature cofired multilayer ceramics co-developed with VIA electronic GmbH, please refer to the downloads.

To find out more about VIA electronic and the company's technology, please refer to the VIA electronic Homepage.


All our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified. All our products are ROHS compatible and comply with MIL PRF-38534 and MIL STD-883.
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