Soldered Transistor Outline Caps & Lenses

Product Description

Soldered transistor outline packages
Many optical data communication applications are required to transmit or receive signals with an extremely high level of precision. To do so, they require optimum light efficiency, and the optical properties of molded transistor outline caps are sometimes unable to meet this need.

Ultra-high precision soldered transistor outline caps consist of ready-made glass bodies with special optical properties, and they are permanently connected to a metal frame using a specialized solder glass. This method can be used to connect windows and lenses, with a range of different properties as well as additional optical coatings, to metal. The result of soldering a TO cap to a matching TO header is a hermetically sealed TO housing that provides long-term protection to sensitive components and ensures that optical signals are transmitted with precision.


Soldered caps are available in a wide range of customer-specific designs. Our technological leadership in all matters related to glass is an assurance that the lenses and windows are developed and processed to an extremely high quality standard.


Soldered caps are used for transmission related applications in optical data communication and for high resolution sensors (e.g. CCD camera sensors).

Technical Details


The glass body and metal frame are soldered together in a cleanroom environment to ensure that none of the narrow tolerances of the optical properties are compromised. It is extremely important to ensure that the glass component is not affected and not altered during the soldering process.

A variety of different geometric shapes can be realized with the soldering procedure. The use of various processes, such as sintering and dispensing, enables the production of a broad range of different shapes. The metal frames can also be manufactured using a lathe, which ensures accurate manufacturing of metal parts, and enables the application of even narrower tolerance ranges.

Features / Specifications

The glass headers can be treated with a wide range of additional optical coatings before soldering. This ensures that the different coatings applied are extremely even and also offers various advantages during later processing, since it ensures that only the glass, and not the metal, is coated.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All products are packaged individually under cleanroom conditions.


All of our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified. All caps are soldered in clean rooms.
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