SCHOTT ViewPort™ Sensor Receptacles

Revolutionary process analytical technology (PAT) components for bioprocessing 

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is a complex process involving living organisms. Cell cultivation or fermentation is usually performed in bioreactors that requires optimal metabolic conditions. SCHOTT ViewPortTM components act as sensor receptacles on bioreactors, enabling in-situ bioprocess monitoring through hermetically sealed optical windows without compromising the sterile boundary. This leads to reduced contamination risk and higher process yield.

Applications: SCHOTT offers standard multi-use components for well-established stainless steel bioreactor systems. SCHOTT ViewPort™ versions are also available for single-use bioreactors. Details can be discussed upon request.

Preventing contamination

In contrast to existing physical sampling methods that require opening the bioreactors to take samples out or insert probes, SCHOTT ViewPort™ receptacles enable sterile and safe in-situ process measurements through optical windows. This helps minimize contamination risk.

Enabling maximized yield and process automation

SCHOTT ViewPort™ components allow easy and continuous real-time measuring of key process parameters via the optical interface. This enables usability of advanced process analytical technology and “real-time” adaptation of processes, which leads to increased process yield.

Customizable designs

We offer standard SCHOTT ViewPort™ variants for stainless steel MUBs (multi-use bioreactors) as well as customized versions for single-use bioreactors  (SUBs) upon request. The components can be integrated into bioreactors of varying sizes, from lab-scale to large-scale production.
SCHOTT Viewport Multiuse
SCHOTT ViewPort-long
SCHOTT Viewport Single use

A big improvement to conventional process analytical technology

Flexible & efficient

Icon Flexible & efficient
Enables exchange of probes during running process as well as use of a single spectrometer for multiple bioreactors.

Approved, sterilizable materials

Icon Sterilizable
Made of approved materials which are resistant under sterilization processes, such as steam-in-place (SIP).

Excellent optical performance

Icon Transmission
High transmittance optical windows enable precise optical signal transmission.

Easy to integrate

Icon Easy to integrate
Standard port diameter and flange size enables fast and easy integration into existing bioreactor designs.

Reliable usage of spectrometers

Icon Reliable usage of spectrometers
Enable user friendly spectrometer usage for reliable and automated analysis.

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