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Glass for Demanding Situations

The daily routine in a commercial kitchen is a severe test for surfaces. In the food services industry or in-store bakeries glass has to prove its durability day after day over many years. When you partner with SCHOTT, you will be able to realize products that meet these challenges.

For the food services industry, we produce printed or unprinted panels for in-store ranges, cooking centers or combi steam ranges as well as glass control panels for coffee machines. During the manufacturing process, we pay high attention to the agreed properties, such as impact and temperature resistance, so that the appliances are not only able to withstand the countless cooking and backing cycles, but also keep their attractive appearance.
This picture shows the front door of an in-store baking oven. On the left side to the door is a control panel that combines a display with touch switches.
Source: Wiesheu
Printed panels for ranges in supermarkets or bakeries help ensure a unique look while showcasing the baked goods in clearly visible way. In such tough conditions, the glass has to be highly resistant and it also needs to ensure a reduced transmission of heat so that outer panels can be safely touched.

Frequently used processing options:
  • Low-e coatings
  • Color printing
  • Printed circuits for operating surfaces
  • Special effect printing
This picture is a composing showing a silver kitchen cupboard on the left-hand side, a woman sitting on a couch in the middle and a silver oven on the right-hand side. It visualizes the topic “Typical Applications for SCHOTT Flat Glass”.

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