Going “Shy Tech” with High Tech:
Control Functions Hidden in “off”-Mode

“Shytech” an ongoing trend: previously visible functions are now ‘hidden’ in off-mode behind sleek appliance fronts, creating a stylish elegance. Who benefits from the development? Home appliances!

To hide control surfaces with integrated buttons, switches and lights “shyly” behind appliance fronts may not necessarily be considered a new trend, but it is a continuous one. Due to its special properties, glass has proven to be the ideal material: It allows for a smooth and trouble-free integration of electronic elements and lighting components. In addition, the material offers a wide selection of colors and is ideal as a design element. Known as “Shytech” or “dead front” or “black panel” effect, these descriptions fall short in describing the effect of hiding technology behind glass fronts.

The goal behind the “Shytech” concept is to make complex technology and user interfaces as invisible as possible. At first glance, sophisticated appliances should appear to be less complex, and have the effect of being discreet in the space where they are located – thus, going “Shytech” with high tech in your living space. Integrating all of the most important functions without overloading them visually, while still maintaining a quiet and relaxing home design, is what “Shytech” in home appliances is aiming to achieve.

The “shy” hidden technology is already being used in the latest built-in kitchen appliances. A special design effect involves making the technology visible only when it is needed: Smooth, large surfaces are the only elements that are visible, when the appliance is switched off.  The technical functions become visible when they come into use.

Looking at developments in the “smart home“ – the digitally networked home – the central control of appliances, also via smartphones or even gesture control, will lead to an increasing number of intelligent environments. It looks as though “Shytech” will remain trendy, and will continue to evolve.  Let’s stay curious about more innovative smart operating elements for home appliances in the future.

Source: http://www.trendone.com/en/trend-universe/mega-trends/mega-trend-detail/shy-tech.html
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