Smart Guidance

Solutions for Intelligent User Concepts

The more intelligent the products become, the smarter the individual would like to operate it.  This is one reason why user concepts change so quickly. A key factor is the experience customers have from their smartphones which today set the standards also for innovative solutions for home appliances: Touch displays, switch buttons, contact-free gesture controls and many more. Interfaces for operating functions are one of our innovative focus topics, where we jointly realize new ideas together with you to make the future tangible.

Our latest innovations
  • SCHOTT Smart Touch
  • IR Colors for Non-Contact Switching
  • Dead Front Effects
  • SCHOTT Duo Design
  • Sensor areas for capacitve switches
An “On” icon surrounded by a ring is printed in white on a black printed glass.
This picture shows a hand touching a glass display.
Controls and displays are seamlessly integrated into the design. Visual effects, such as lighting, or haptics help to guide the user, and interactions are made possible through touch or even gestures. Symbols are only displayed when they are needed. The goal is to make the operation as easy and as intuitive as possible.

When it comes to innovative ideas, glass is the material of choice for user interfaces due to its scratch resistance not to mention that its electric and chemical properties are especially good. And glass is proven – typical for SCHOTT – thanks to its functionality options and numerous design possibilities.
A finger is sliding on a long indentation, which is located on a black surface. The slider groove SCHOTT Smart Touch® is fully polished and has the same smooth surface as the surface of the flat glass.

SCHOTT® Smart Touch

Cavities on the surface of a glass panel provide haptic feedback for intuitive detection of touch sensors behind glass. In addition: electric sensors are perfectly protected against water and dirt. Several shapes and sizes allow individual designs.

Typical applications

This picture shows the O of the logo SCHOTT in a 3D glass model placed on a light blue area.

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Two speech bubbles centrally placed on a grey background visualize the question: “Do you have a question?”.

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