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From Glass Processing to Assembly

When it comes to the processing of flat glass, you should let us be your partner of choice – but we can provide so much more. Once the glass has been produced according to your specific requirements, we offer additional services in the assembly of glass panels with supplementary components.
We can, for instance, glue components onto glass, mechanically fix elements and laminate glass as well as manufacture insulating glass units. Gluing onto glass can be a tricky process, but thanks to our experience, we can select the appropriate material and test it together with you to find the perfect solution.

Benefits from our assembly services:
  • Reliable glueing or adhesive bonding
  • Mechanical fixing of components
  • Standardized manual or automated assembly processes
  • Lamination options
  • For a range of applications including refrigerator shelves, range doors, washing machine lids
Pila di ripiani frigorifero con profili in materia plastica bianca.
Our assembly competencies include:
  • UV Bonding
  • Gluing Brackets
  • Mechanical assembly of trims or profiles
  • Integration of LED-lighting in frames
  • Assembly of handles and hinges
  • Encapsulation with plastic material
  • Application of foils and tapes for safety requirements
  • Welding of connector pads on the glass surface as interface for electronics
Other assembly options on request.



Typical Applications

The pictures shows the bottom left corners of two SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glass panels placed one above the other. Both have a printed black frame. The picture is a visualizes the topic “See more processing possibilities”.

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