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A Lot More Than Just Glass Panels

We love sharing our valuable experiences with you. Expertise, quality and collaboration are packed in every one of our products and solutions, allowing us to provide you with something more than just the glass panel.

SCHOTT is the globally recognized expert for flat glass products, with very high standards for our technologies, processes and our quality. Technical and application consulting are also part of the services we offer. If glass panels are the solution for your new appliances, we will work together with you to bring your product ideas all the way to serial production. We are expanding our capabilities day by day and your products can benefit from our broad know-how in the appliance industry.

We know all the special requirements from the market through years of experience and joint projects with our customers. We also understand exactly what is needed for serial production, therefore ensuring reliable and flexible logistics processes, including the supply from our various global production facilities. We understand the needs of our customers and because we do, we offer you a broad spectrum of products and solutions in response.
»We are constantly pushing the limits for creating novel glass components even if the implementation initially appears to be difficult.«
Gregor Grosse
Global Business Development und Innovations Manager

A High Level of Quality and Excellent Production Processes Make the Difference

Superior quality in our products is very important for us. After all, we want that they meet the expectations of our customers. Quality is a promise as well as a sign of value and reliability. To achieve this level of excellence, we ensure that we are using the latest technology and machinery in the production of our flat glass products. We are constantly evaluating how we can optimize our processes and production facilities to make the quality features of our glasses even better than they are today. We are only satisfied when we are certain that our products live up to the high quality standards our customers and our own team have for the solutions we offer.
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Our goal is to always be one step ahead. Therefore, our expert teams – managed from our headquarters in Germany – develop improvements for our core processes. After thorough testing in real production situations, our factories implement the newly defined standards.
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This standardization is what makes us flexible in the manufacturing process. We are able to avoid production bottlenecks, because in many cases we can transfer an order to another facility. For our customers, that means supply availability around the world.
An icon illustrating the process of monitoring and analyzing the customers’ desires to improve serial production.
What does not exist today, might be available tomorrow, if you partner with us! Even if you have special requirements which go beyond the standard norms, we are certain that we are the right partner for you. Together with you, we analyze how your requirements and specifications can be implemented in serial production. This is our promise to you.
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