A Twist on Wood Cook Stoves

Cooking on traditional wood cook stoves is a labor of love. Today families desire a modern twist on traditional cooking, wanting visually appealing design and easier-to-clean appliances.


Facelift for traditional cooking

A wood cook stove is an icon for traditional cooking. Families have gathered around a traditional wood cook stoves for special celebrations and social events for centuries. They want to carry on this tradition, however this cooking method is perceived no longer contemporary. And – there is also a desire for modern design and style of cooktops to meet the overall kitchen aesthetic, while being durable to meet the demands of everyday cooking.


A Modernized Classic

With the original SCHOTT CERAN® as the cooktop panel, all this has an end. The popular glass-ceramic is engineered to meet the demands of any kitchen. Its characteristics allow for easy maintenance, joyful cooking and modern design. With the sleek and elegant dark glass-ceramic, wood cook stoves will complement any kitchen design and become the center of attention.

Long-lasting Beauty

SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic is incredibly durable and withstands high temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius. Based on its characteristics, it is ideal for safe cooking. As the glass-ceramic won’t oxidize or rust, it is a long lasting beauty that stands up to the wear and tear of a normal busy kitchen.

Optimal Heat Transfer
Optimal Heat Transfer
Hot and Cold
Hot and Cold
Easy to clean
Easy to clean
Long-lasting Beauty
The pan drop test shows quite spectacularly how robust the glass ceramic really is: A 1.8 kg pot full of sand is dropped 10 times onto each cooking zone from a height of 150mm.

Made from nature

Unlike conventional glass-ceramic, SCHOTT CERAN® black glass-ceramic is made from natural raw materials like quartz sand and does not contain any harmful substances such as arsenic and antimony. It is also certified by German TÜV. Pioneers in sustainable manufacturing, SCHOTT black glass-ceramic cooktop panels have been completely eco-friendly since 2009.

Eco friendly - Made from nature


“Glass-ceramic can add a new dimension of cooking and design to wood cook stoves. Homeowners can now have that modern kitchen feel, while still enjoying the traditional cooking method of wood cook stoves. Customers looking for meticulously engineered glass-ceramic, should look no further than the original SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic” Karen Elder, CERAN® Product Manager

There is only one Original

It all starts with SCHOTT engineering and constant innovation, enhancing the quality of CERAN® glass-ceramic, to help customers appeal to homeowners. Be it induction, electric or gas – glass-ceramic is used for all kinds of cooking stoves. And more than 180 million glass-ceramic panels have been sold. Cook wood stoves should no longer rely on any other material than the original.

Turn up the heat on wood cook stoves. Let’s get cooking!

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Kimberly Kennell
Marketing and Communication
SCHOTT North America, Inc.