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Recently, a product design for a TTK Prestige India cooktop with SCHOTT glass was honored with the Red Dot Award 2017. Managing Director Chandru Kalro and the executive vice president of sales and marketing, Dinesh Garg, reveal the secrets of their company’s success.

What is so special about the award-winning product design?

Kalro: The cooktop uses tempered glass, visually divided by a black and brilliant white contrast. Gently curved lines separate the cooking and operational zones. And this is what won over the jury. Also, the flat and space-saving gas hob top can be used as a built-in unit or as a freestanding one which fully satisfies the customer’s needs, as it is a very flexible design.

What was so challenging about the design?

Garg: For the black-and-white glass combination, we looked for a very special color that is not so easy to achieve. SCHOTT is highly skilled when it comes to designing glass and was able to provide what we wanted. Apart from that, the durability and safety of glass from SCHOTT is definitely worth noting. Indian customers need to be thoroughly convinced that the cooktop will not break.

How would you describe your market strategy for gas hob tops?

Kalro: The built-in appliance market is just getting underway in India – and we already have a solution to offer with our hob top models. We have actually designed a product that is world-class. It has high quality components such as SCHOTT glass, and it can be bought at a price level which suits Indian consumers. The strategy of developing a high-value cooktop has worked very well for us. We probably have the best-selling hobs on the market today.

How did you promote your products on the market?

Garg: We created an advertising campaign with a Bollywood celebrity couple as brand ambassadors. Our idea was to demand a premium price for our brand, which utilizes premium glass from SCHOTT. The campaign itself showed how beautiful the cooktop was, presented by a former Miss World – and it worked exceedingly well. Also the beauty of tying up with SCHOTT was that we could give life time warranty on glass which no other company in the country could claim and it helped us upgrade lot of traditional Stainless Steel Gas stove users to this Glass Top Cooktop and gave us a distinctive competitive edge.

How did this impact TTK Prestige?

Kalro: We were able to boost our annual revenues for gas cooking appliances with glass from SCHOTT from 55,000 units in 2015 to 200,000 in 2016.

What is it like to work with SCHOTT?

Garg: We have worked together for about seven years now. The initial team is still the same today. So we know each other very well. We are pleased with our collaboration with SCHOTT and we find it to be very inspiring. SCHOTT has always pushed us to do more with our own products and to add new value to them which in the end means more value for the Indian consumer.

In terms of the near future, how do you believe cooktops will develop?

Kalro: As for the technology, gas will remain the main source for the next 10 to 15 years in India. In fact, we are already working on the next generation of hobs. We are currently developing a gas hob with an e-gas function. The resulting product will be launched before the end of 2017.

Garg: In addition, we are developing some new design elements for the e-gas models, because it is an even more premium product. We have produced some black and gold colored designs and they look very attractive.

Managing Director Chandru Kalro explained TTK Prestige´s market strategy. Photo: SCHOTT/ A. Sell
Executive vice president of sales and marketing Dinesh Garg on the challenges of hob top design. Photo: SCHOTT/ A. Sell
“The versatile gas cooktop impresses with its distinctive black-and- white contrast, slightly modified by gently curved lines” (Statement from the jury of the Red Dot Award 2017). Photo: TTK Prestige Limited

September 05th, 2017


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