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A backyard barbecue is a time-honored tradition, but little has changed in the world of grill design to keep pace with today’s outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Grill masters and weekend warriors alike could benefit from innovations that improve the barbecue experience.


The metal barbecue box is due for an update!

We no longer settle for kitchen ovens with small windows and underpowered burners. We shouldn’t settle for less when cooking outside. A tremendous potential for new features and new functions that enhance the cooking experience and make the time-honored tradition of barbecue even better is available through glass-ceramic.

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Material for extreme conditions

High-performance materials can inspire sleeker design and greater functionality for today’s grill masters. NEXTREMA®’s ability to withstand extreme conditions enable conventional barbecue grills to become glass grills with transparent lids from the handle to the hinge, burner shields that are nearly self-cleaning and never corrode, and other possibilities yet to be uncovered. It’s the perfect way to enliven barbecue design.

Fire up your grill for a great BBQ any time of year.Tempered glass housed in rigid frames may crack if they expand in high heat conditions, but SCHOTT’s NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic withstands temperature fluctuations without cracking due to its near zero thermal expansion.
No match for sudden temperature swings. Even a cool rain on a hot surface would crack ordinary, tempered glass. NEXTREMA® withstands temperature fluctuations, even when grilling on the coldest winter day.
Made to hold up over time. NEXTREMA® resists rusting in humid, wet or salty environments, and offers smooth nonporous surface for added durability and easy cleaning.
A clear view with strength built in. A lot of high-tech engineering goes into NEXTREMA®. No need for special toughening processes and lightweight when compared to metal materials.

With a glass grill, barbecuers can watch their food cook without having to lift the lid, keeping cooking temperature consistent for the perfect steak. Easily see burner ignition through a protective burner shield with a non-porous surface. Drippings sizzle off and add extra flavor to the meat, while making cleanup a cinch.

Panoramic Grill Lids

The possibilities are wide open, even when the grill is closed. Gather around the grill, and let everyone see what’s cooking, without opening the lid. A glass-ceramic lid lets you keep the heat where it belongs, while monitoring for flare ups.

Grill Accessories

Brick-oven pizza flavor, made on the grill? The glass-ceramic pizza stone is the perfect accessory for a superior homemade pizza. It requires no pre-heating, and won’t warp or rust over time.

Burner Shield

Designed for long-lasting and almost maintenance-free burning. Glass-ceramic burner shields don’t just keep the gas burners clean. They conduct heat, allowing grillers to see flames as they adjust controls.

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“Grill design in the U.S. is stuck and barbecuers are ready for change. When we share what glass-ceramic can do for grills – corrosion resistance, nearly self-cleaning burner shields, transparency to see gas burners ignite and catch flare-ups – the only question is ‘Why aren’t we doing this already?’“Ted Wegert , Application Manager , SCHOTT HomeTech North America


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Karen Elder
Marketing & Product Management NEXTREMA®
SCHOTT HomeTech North America