It’s a game changer, for BBQ grill design.

A backyard barbecue is a time-honored tradition, but little has changed in the world of grill design to keep pace with today’s outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Grill masters and weekend warriors alike could benefit from innovations that improve the barbecue experience.


The metal barbecue box is due for an update!

We no longer settle for kitchen ovens with small windows and underpowered burners. We shouldn’t settle for less when cooking outside. A tremendous potential for new features and new functions that enhance the cooking experience and make the time-honored tradition of barbecue even better is available through glass-ceramic.

Bonfire grill
Stainless steel grill
Kettle grill
Gas grill


SCHOTT NEXTREMA®, the versatile material that sizzles the senses with new designs for barbecue.

SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic in a variety of sizes and shapes for lids, Burner Shields, rotisserie burners, even accessories like pizza stones and planchas, leads to tremendous potential for new features for BBQ grill manufactures – and makes back yard grill masters, the envy of their neighborhoods.

A perfect view into the grill.

A transparent NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic window or lid allows the user to see what‘s happening inside the BBQ without opening up the lid and crashing internal temperatures. Keeping the heat where it belongs, while visually monitoring flare-ups. It also adds a sophisticated design element to the overall look of a grill. Different options are available, get in touch with us to discover the most suitable option for your BBQ design.

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Visible but protected

NEXTREMA® Burner Shields are transparent, allowing users to receive visual feedback on ignition and size of the flame when adjusting the controls. Especially in combination with transparent lids or windows. Providing safety and peace of mind by putting an end to BBQ cooks wondering if the grill ignited or not. Burner Shields are noncorrosive, and provide manufacturers an almost maintenance-free alternative to metal sheets. At high heat, drippings simply burn off, of the smooth, non-porous surface. We offer six standard options in different length or can provide consultation if you require something tailored.

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Modern update to a rather old grilling style

Use NEXTREMA® tinted glass-ceramic to enhance an old barbecuing style like infrared grill rotisserie burner. Not only does it add a striking design element to the grill, but gives backyards chefs an amazing degree of temperature control with efficient IR transmission while protecting the heaters behind the glass-ceramic panel. Heat transfers across the burner, cooking the food more evenly. Perfect for larger food items – and the material is easy to clean, too.

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Stylish grill accessories and planchas

BBQ accessories, such as pizza stones and planchas, are even more stylish and in demand with NEXTREMA®. Making pizza or vegetables on the grill possible without falling through the grates. It requires no preheating time and is easy to clean. You don’t believe us? Simply request your sample.

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Material for extreme conditions

Engineers and designers can take advantage of the material properties of NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic. The perfect match for high-heat and stylish outdoor grills.

Fire up your grill for a great BBQ any time of year.Tempered glass housed in rigid frames may crack if they expand in high heat conditions, but SCHOTT’s NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic withstands temperature fluctuations without cracking due to its near zero thermal expansion.
No match for sudden temperature swings. Even a cool rain on a hot surface would crack ordinary, tempered glass. NEXTREMA® withstands temperature fluctuations, even when grilling on the coldest winter day.
Made to hold up over time. NEXTREMA® resists rusting in humid, wet or salty environments, and offers smooth nonporous surface for added durability and easy cleaning.
A clear view with strength built in. A lot of high-tech engineering goes into NEXTREMA®. No need for special toughening processes and lightweight when compared to metal materials.


See what NEXTREMA® can do for your BBQ grill design, and why glass-ceramic is a safe alternative material.

NEXTREMA® Burner Shields
Glass-Ceramic vs. Tempered Glass


“Barbecuers are ready for change. When we share what glass-ceramic can do for grills – corrosion resistance, almost self-cleaning Burner Shields, transparency to see gas burners ignite and catch flare-ups – the only question is ‘How can we support you in upgrading your grill design?’“Karen Elder, Product Manager, SCHOTT NEXTREMA®


Unlocking new design possibilities for barbecue grills

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Karen Elder
Marketing & Product Management NEXTREMA®
SCHOTT HomeTech North America