The Aduro Hybrid wood-burning stove has been awarded the European Business Award for the Environment 2018 – and comes with three ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels.

The hybrid stove from Aduro combines the practical with the cozy.
The Danish invention withstands high heat produced from firewood as well as wood pellets and supports an ultramodern look. It can be operated from an app on your smartphone, even when away from home. Owners who enjoy a natural wood burning flame will also enjoy classic interplay of the flames and, while automatically reloaded pellets can be burned for heat throughout the night – meeting the highest environmental standards. The manufacturer asserts that Aduro Hybrid significantly reduces emissions. The jurors of the European Business Award for the Environment were convinced of that as well, granting the stove the renowned award in the “Sustainable Products and Services” category in June 2018.

“We congratulate Aduro and see this as a recognition for the high quality of ROBAX®,” says Birgit Eickeler, product manager SCHOTT ROBAX®. The curved fire viewing panel at the front side of the stove, as well as both flat panels on the side of the stove, not only contribute to the product’s attractive design, but also improve combustion. Glass-ceramic’s extreme temperature-resistance, for instance, doubles the wood burning efficiency of a stove with glass-ceramic over that of an open fireplace. Stoves that feature “ROBAX® IR Max” can even be more efficient. The specially coated viewing panels reflect up to seven times more heat radiation back into the combustion chamber than uncoated panels.

December 18, 2018.


Kimberly Kennell
Home Tech
SCHOTT North America, Inc.