The glass-ceramic cork concept

Fogo Montanha from Portugal won a Red Dot Design Award 2017 for the world’s first natural cork fireplace

Who would have thought that a chic and award-winning fireplace design could be conjured up out of bark? The Portuguese manufacturer Fogo Montanha succeeded in doing so with a model made of cork. Besides the extraordinary look, the jury of the Red Dot Design Award praised the ecological aspect of the product and justified its decision by saying: “The use of cork gives the fireplace ‘Natura Cork’ a natural look and provides the user with a sensual experience with the element fire.” This experience is also supported by a SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire viewing panel. It not only ensures an optimal view of the flames, but also fits into the sustainable concept of the fireplace, since it consists of approx. 95 percent natural raw materials.

In addition to the functional benefits, the design of the fireplace also has a symbolic meaning: For Fogo Montanha, the mission is to find ecological heating solutions. And it reflects an important industry for its home country Portugal, the largest cork producer in the world. It has been designed using glass-ceramic, cork and the concept.

July 20, 2017


Kim Kenell
Home Tech
SCHOTT North America