Here’s why designers love induction cooktops

Interior designers love recommending induction cooktops because they are easy to clean, energy efficient, and offer cooking power that compares favorably to gas. Plus, induction cooktops look great.

Just ask Brynne Rinderknecht, owner of From the Inside NYC, whose restaurant-owning clients like the induction cooktop in their home so much they are installing one in their second home.

“Clients choose induction because it offers them very precise high and low temperatures that you can’t get with gas or traditional electric,” Rinderknecht said. “From a design standpoint, it just looks cleaner.”

Induction cooktops are opening new design fronts in the kitchen. We’re seeing cooktops that don’t have defined burners, allowing home cooks to put a pot anywhere. There are also induction woks, and cooktops in creative colors. And, while many designers tend to emphasize induction’s place in a kitchen design full of clean lines and flat surfaces, creative appliance designers are using induction to mimic more traditional designs.

We asked a group of respected designers and home remodelers what their clients liked about induction cooking, and why they’ve begun recommending it.

Joining us are Brynne Rinderknecht; Kymberlyn Lacy, principal designer at International Flair Designs in Little Rock, Arkansas; Jennifer Sherrill, President of Kitchen Design Concepts in Dallas, Texas; Jason Lars, founder of Lars Remodeling and Design in San Diego; Bruce Quackenbush of American Contracting in Towson, Maryland; and Wanda E. Gozdz, President of Golden Age Living, LCC, a nationally-recognized expert in design concepts to help seniors age in place.

Why do you recommend installing an induction cooktop to non-commercial clients?

Induction cooking is one of the biggest technological advances in kitchen technology in the last 30 years. Induction cooktops are sleek, energy efficient, emissions-free, and they cook 25 percent faster than gas or electric cooktops. – Lacy

It provides the most even heat for cooking plus the most rapid boil and cool down available. It’s also very safe considering the cooking zone surface gets hot only when the pot/pan makes contact. Once removed, the cooking zone surface cools down to the touch within seconds. – Lars

What trends are you seeing in adoption of induction cooking in home kitchens?

As kitchen design changes and our lives become busier, the adoption of induction cooking will increase. Clients are also requesting kitchen design with open floorplans that are sleek, modern in design versus the hard lines and traditional elements of kitchens in the past. – Lacy

We are seeing induction cooktops paired with steamers and tepanyaki style cooktops. The trend is to have multiple types of cooking appliances on the countertop. – Sherrill

Thermador offers a freedom induction which means you can put the pan on any surface and it will heat only that area. – Quackenbush

Why do clients choose induction over electric, gas? What are the deciding factors?

There are a lot of reasons, though most deal with safety and performance factors. But design style is also a determining factor. The sleek nature of induction cooktops makes them a perfect choice for contemporary and modern designs. – Lars

They are safe for people with vision or mobility impairments and people using wheel chairs. The induction top is cool to the touch when a pot is removed from the surface, and it automatically shuts itself off when liquid has evaporated. – Gozdz

For clients who don’t want an induction cooktop, what are the reasons?

It’s really about education. Many believe they would have to buy all new pots and pans but as long as a magnet sticks to the pan it will work on induction. – Quackenbush

Sometimes homeowners are unable to go with induction due to the electrical requirements needed. Oftentimes installing induction cooktops requires a new electrical circuit, which may not have factored into their renovation budget. – Lars

These top designers and homebuilders all agree: Induction cooktops are safer, they are great for cooks, and they look cool in the kitchen, no matter what design motif their clients pick.

Induction cooktops have opened up a whole new world for the makers of appliances and the designers who build kitchens. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

June 20, 2017


Kim Kennell
Home Tech
SCHOTT North America, Inc.