Human + Smartphone = <3

Infographic: A Modern Love Affair

Infographic: A Modern Love Affair

We touch our smartphones a lot. An average person will touch, swipe, or drag their finger across their mobile device more than 2,600 times a day. This makes nearly a million touches per year!

Thanks to its outstanding optical properties, its aesthetic appearance, and its pleasing surface quality, glass is the best choice for smartphone makers. Today, also the robustness of glass is a strong argument for the industry to choose glass as a protector for the smartphone’s display, camera module, or fingerprint sensor. SCHOTT’s AS 87 eco glass was designed to fill that role. It’s polished by fire, nearly as tough as a sapphire, and can be thinner than a human hair.

Positioned as a protection glass for fingerprint sensors, the ultra-thin innovation is one of the most frequently touched points of contact between man and machine. Let us have a look at this modern relationship…

March 14th, 2017


Dave Vanderpool
Advanced Optics
SCHOTT North America, Inc.