Lots of warmth, less glare. One solution.

The HEATSCOPE® PURE from Munich Home Systems was made possible through a close cooperation with SCHOTT NEXTREMA® and developed to address specific requirements.


MHS set out to develop an infrared heater that efficiently heats spaces without disturbing the room’s ambience while reducing the amount of glare.

„We wanted a versatile and robust material that would emit the correct amount of heat while ensuring an appealing design. A material that can meet the demanding requirements of a powerful heater, and still make an aesthetic presentation.“ Lars Keussen, Managing Director, MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH

Heatscope, MHS, NEXTREMA, Red Dot Design Award, HEATSCOPE®

Throughout the development process, one thing was certain. The success of the project depended on having a material that could withstand the heat and, at the same time, reduce the orange light and glare typical for so many other heaters.

Watch the development story of the HEATSCOPE® PURE realized by using the diverse features of SCHOTT NEXTREMA®.

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Lars Keussen
Managing Director MHS

Bjørn Blisse
Owner Designstudio Blisse


A glass-ceramic front cover was the answer. With incredible heat resistance and a fitting transmission profile.

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NEXTREMA®: infrared specialist, also in high temperature environments

The transmission profile of the glass-ceramic cover reduces light emission to a max. of 350 lumens – most infrared heaters have over 2000 lumens. Additionally, its 100% performance is reached in just 20 seconds – thanks to NEXTREMA®’s thermal shock resistance of up to 820 °C.

Heating elements

Generating pleasant heat and light through infrared medium wave radiation.

Design housing

The enlarged heating area with more glass-ceramic increases the heat output.

Benefits for HEATSCOPE® PURE made possible by SCHOTT NEXTREMA®

Glass-ceramic solutions from SCHOTT NEXTREMA® have a broad range of useful characteristics. Here are the ones that made all the difference in the development of the HEATSCOPE® PURE.

The power of choice: six transmission profiles

Six unique transmission profiles in the visible and infrared range enable sleek and pure design options combined in an effective heater that without disturbing glare.

Incredible performance: heat resistance

With temperatures of up to 950° C, the glass-ceramics by SCHOTT can easily handle the heater's max temperatures.

Truly robust: temperature shock resistance

It's not just how much temperature the material can resist, it's also how well it can handle a quick change in temperature – NEXTREMA®'s resistance to thermal shocks varies by type and can reach up to 820°C with almost no very little effect on the integrity of the material.

Impressive stability: near zero thermal expansion

The stability of this industrial glass-ceramics allow for a snug, nearly seamless design as the material maintains its shape even under extreme heat or when exposed to sudden temperature changes.

Reliably tough: chemical resistance

High resistance to acids and bases, conforming to DIN 12116, ISO 695, and DIN ISO 719 standards. A reliable material and surface, also in outdoor environments.

Reacts only when you want it to: process inert.

The NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is process inert. Meaning the material will not react with other material and their surrounding environment. This property offers new possibilities for innovative applications.

Finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. Learn more about how this was done for the new heating solution by MHS.

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Lars Keussen
Managing Director MHS

Bjørn Blisse
Owner Designstudio Blisse

Roberto Perez Castro
Head of Product Management NEXTREMA®


Winner of the RedDot Design Award 2018

The HEATSCOPE® PURE attracted plenty of attention when it debuted on the market and was awarded a RedDot Design Award in 2018 for its innovation and design.

Heatscope, MHS, NEXTREMA, Red Dot Design Award, HEATSCOPE®


From the material to the product: the unique glass-ceramic material platform NEXTREMA® opens up new dimensions in development for engineers and designers alike. Combined with SCHOTTS’ more than 130 years’ experience in specialty glass, we ask you to let your imagination run free, let yourself be inspired, and shape the future with us. BE NEXTREMA®

Heatscope, MHS, NEXTREMA, Red Dot Design Award, HEATSCOPE®

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