Where algae grows

The largest vertical plant in Europe counts on SCHOTT glass tubes for cultivating microalgae.

Vertically adjusted photobioreactors made of glass enhance the growing of microalgae and increase the production of biomass. In contrast to synthetic material or metal, glass has a longer service life, is easier to clean and constantly transparent. Making the material suitable for optimizing performance and costs in the industrial algae production. Not surprisingly, glass is the material of choice for the largest to-date algae manufacturing with vertically adjusted photobioreactors in Europe.

In 2017 the nearly 2.5 acre plant will be built in Austria and will start its production the following year. In order to grow and convert light into biomass, 230 kilometers of the highest quality glass tubing are needed. DURAN® glass tubes fits the bill. They have already been used in ecoduna’s world-patented vertical photobioreactor know as “hanging gardens” and has proved to produce higher yields and lower operating costs.

July 6, 2017


Suzann Erben
SCHOTT North America, Inc.