New print edition of the technology magazine

“solutions” with a focus on “Design & Appliances”

The new print edition 1/17 of the SCHOTT technology magazine “solutions” is now available. The main focus of the magazine is on the topic of “Design & Appliances”: glass experts help home appliance builders create an attractive and functional design. After all, glass loves form and function. And the developers at SCHOTT always manage to move the boundaries of what has been technically feasible in a wide range of applications. Interested in learning more? The print version can be ordered under the following contact address or be downloaded online as a pdf.

Great stories about „Design & Appliances“ and more exciting articles about glass and its applications can be read in the latest issue of “solutions” magazine.

March 27th, 2017


Catherina Della Vecchia
Marketing & Communication
SCHOTT North America, Inc.