On the Sunny Side

Protecting outdoor displays and signage from heat and UV rays with CONTURAN® IR Protect.

While most individuals can hardly wait to enjoy summer, sun and heat, for outdoor technology, the season and its elements translates to pure stress. To keep digital displays from breaking out in a heavy sweat from summer’s intensive sun or going on strike due to sizzling heat, SCHOTT has the perfect solution – CONTURAN® IR Protect.

The laminated cover glass hinders the negative effects caused by annoying heat and UV rays. It is constructed of two flat glass panes as well as an integrated infrared (IR) protective cover. Due to its ability to withstand punctures and is virtually shatterproof, CONTURAN® IR Protect reduces infrared radiation by more than 80 percent. At the same time, the high transmission of the visible light spectrum well as the anti-reflex coating ensure optimal visibility and readability of the content, allowing digital displays and signage to remain user friendly and function smoothly as they face the sunny side of summer.

September 7, 2017


David Schimmel
Advanced Optics
SCHOTT North America, Inc.