Modern wood stoves: 4 designs that are red hot right now

From open fires in a cave, to giant hearths in a medieval castle, to cast iron stoves in a log cabin, burning wood for heat and comfort has been a feature of human dwellings for millennia. Now, material advances are taking wood stoves out of the Stone Age and into the sleekest of modern homes. They form a focal point for a cozy night of reading by the fire, or a dramatic accent in rooms where family and friends gather. Glass-ceramic, in particular, is opening up new frontiers in design while allowing wood stoves to better retain and reflect heat for more efficient burning. The broader spectrum of designs has led to new trends in integrating wood stoves into the home. Take some design inspiration from this collection of modern wood stoves that incorporate glass-ceramic to cast a warm glow on all sorts of homes.

Modern wood stoves in a fireplace

Some of the newest designs borrow from traditions past, like this one, which mixes a glass-ceramic viewing panel with black steel seen in so many cast iron stoves. Increasingly, homeowners are placing wood stoves in old fireplaces, both for a cool design accent and because that’s often an easy and efficient way to update a wood burning fireplace. In many of the designs, functional ROBAX® panels are employed to maximize radiated heat, filling entire rooms with warmth.

Photo credit: Mark Nelson Architecture
Photo credit: Elizabeth Maxson
The multi-sided fireplace

The ability to see flame from multiple sides allows fire-places to bridge the gap between rooms, or to have two rooms share the view. In these designs, SCHOTT ROBAX® 3D panels can be employed in a flat, boxy design, bent into up to four angles or curved in smooth shapes to create a completely new view of an enclosed fireplace.

Photo credit: Scarlett Fireplaces
Standalone cylinder

With high-end home design emphasizing open spaces and un-conventional rooms, a cylindrical wood stove has the distinct advantage of fitting almost anywhere. In corners, under low ceilings, and even in the middle of a room in front of a stunning window. ROBAX® panels can make luxurious designs come to life, in dome shapes, wave shapes, and nearly anything else that can be imagined.

Photo credit: Scarlett Fireplaces
Photo credit: Scarlett Fireplaces
Organizing for the rustic look

Firewood also has its own design appeal. It’s rustic, beautiful, and it makes us feel connected to nature. These de-signs organize firewood for convenience, but enhance the overall ambience of a wood stove.

Photo credit: Feuerloft Luxembourg
Photo credit: Scarlett Fireplaces
A design for a tiny home

The tiny home movement is driven by people who want to minimize the environmental impact of their housing choices. While the homes are often only a couple hundred square feet, that doesn’t mean they skimp on amenities or style. Check out this tiny wood stove — it’s just 12 inches by 11 inches by 15 inches — built for a tiny home outside of Bozeman, Montana.

Photo credit: Jessica & Nathan Meyers
More than a fireplace outside

Fire brings us together, but let’s face it, few people want an outdoor wood stove at the height of summer. By integrating a grill, this BBQ heater from Chesneys eliminates the need to have both a firepit and a grill, while giving four-season functionality. You can have people gathered around the wood stove, and the grill, year-round.

Wood stoves are attractive features of nearly any home, large, small, modern, or traditional. This is because the properties of glass-ceramic allow it to withstand high tem-peratures while insulating the stove for efficient burning. It keeps the house smoke free while better radiating warmth.

It’s an attractive, clean way to heat the home, and with the right design choices, it makes a time tested heat source thoroughly modern.

October 17, 2018


Kimberly Kennell
Home Tech
SCHOTT North America, Inc.