SCHOTT CERAN® is “Brand of the Century” 2019

Third time winner after 2013 and 2016

Every three years, the ZEIT publishing group honors those brands that have managed to become the worldwide standard for an entire industry. SCHOTT CERAN® is one of them – and once again “Brand of the Century 2019”.

The CERAN® glass-ceramic has not only been produced in Germany for almost 50 years, but is also constantly being further developed. A CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel no longer has to be black, but also comes in other colors and can be printed in color. Around 5,000 different color combinations are possible. The latest innovation CERAN EXCITE® puts glass-ceramics in a new light: special materials and coatings allow LED light sources mounted under the cooktop to shine through particularly clearly and brightly, so that colored lighting of the control panels and cooking zones is also possible – even in hot areas.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the Brand of the Century again after 2013 and 2016,” says Kathrin Becker, Marketing Director for SCHOTT CERAN®. “After all, we have joined the league of other German premium brands such as Miele, Mercedes-Benz and Montblanc, which have managed to become the global standard for an entire industry. For us, the award is both praise and an incentive to work on the next innovation – true to our mission to ‘Never stop inventing.’”

November 23, 2018


Kathrin Becker
Home Tech