Simply good coffee

The good stuff is still out there. The new Swiss espresso machine ZURIGA is proof of that: elegant, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. Invented by Moritz Güttinger from Zurich, it has been built with help from glass from SCHOTT.

The story of this coffee maker begins with a disgruntled coffee lover: It annoyed Moritz Güttinger that his expensive Italian espresso machine was unable to consistently conjure up a delicious hot drink. Why was it so difficult to find the perfect settings to serve up something tasty? The environmental engineer took apart the appliance, thought a lot about it and then learned a great deal about the technical art of preparing espresso.

Thus was born – after much fiddling in his back-street studio in Zurich – a truly special product: a striking, affordable appliance for the home which made simply good espresso every time. Finished? Not yet. The financing for its development came from a crowdsourcing initiative. To ensure that the coffee tasted like it does at an Italian bar, the system had to be something entirely new – from concept to finished product – and it has been registered for a patent. It uses a filter holder so it does not contribute to the mountains of waste created from pods and capsules. The technical components come from a number of sources which Güttinger himself put together. The water container was developed by the Swiss glass blowing workshop GlasForm in Gossau together with SCHOTT – the material used is CONTURAX® Pro profile tubing.

ZURIGA express is not only supposed to be less expensive than other machines, but it also should be quicker: In two minutes the espresso should be steaming. Adds Moritz Güttinger: “We found that to make good coffee, we needed to return to keeping it simple.” Finished!

“We found that to make good coffee, we needed to return to keeping it simple.”
Moritz Güttinger,
inventor of ZURIGA express

Vita Moritz Güttinger

Moritz Güttinger earned his degree in environmental engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). He is the founder of ZURIGA AG in Zurich, Switzerland. With five employees, the company distributes its espresso maker express over the internet.

Makes simply good espresso: ZURIGA express.

March 15th, 2017


Suzan Erben
SCHOTT North America, Inc.