Backyard grilling is all about the senses. The sizzle of the steak. The smell of the burgers. The heat from the grill. The beauty of the grill itself. And let’s not forget the reason we all love to do it: the taste.

SCHOTT NEXTREMA® is the versatile material that dazzles the senses with new applications and designs for barbecue grills.

With NEXTREMA®, manufacturers or designers can make windows of any size, including curved panoramic viewing panels that fill every square-inch of the lid. Backyard chefs will be able to see food without opening the grill.

But that’s not all. When used as a burner shield, SCHOTT NEXTREMA® offers complete visual feedback on the size of the flame. They’re easy to clean too. At high heat, drippings simply burn off of the smooth, non-porous surface.

And then there are uses of NEXTREMA® that provide a modern update to an ancient style of cooking.

From Twin Eagles, the high-end barbecue grill manufacturer, comes a grill that incorporates an infrared rotisserie unit that gives backyard chefs an amazing degree of temperature control.

“The benefit of the black glass is, not only is it incredibly striking and beautiful, but we get a wider range of temperatures,” said Brian Eskew, director of marketing for Twin Eagles. “The lows are lower, the highs are higher, and because that glass itself is radiating heat, it’s perfect for larger food items.”

These applications take advantage of the material properties of NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic: a high resistance to thermal shock, durability, a wide transmittance spectrum, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. A perfect match for a high-intensity outdoor application.

Want to see for yourself why people turn to NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic when they need a temperature-resistant material to make a new idea come to life? SCHOTT will display a variety of NEXTREMA® applications at HPBExpo, March 14 to the 16 in Dallas, Texas. Stop by booth #1429 to learn more.

March 15, 2018


Kim Kennell
Home Tech
SCHOTT North America, Inc.