Sophisticated lighting concepts offer airlines
maximum design flexibility.

Sophisticated lighting concepts offer airlines
maximum design flexibility.

One person likes to read; another likes to dream. One needs light; the other feels disturbed when there is too much light. The perfect seat lighting is often responsible for whether passengers can enjoy a relaxed flight or not. Above the clouds not only do the needs of the passengers differ, but the airlines also have quite different ideas about how to create a perfect atmosphere on board with lighting.

The flexible modular system for reading lamps from SCHOTT on aircraft seats offers cabin designers maximum flexibility and minimal project risk. All components – whether LED or fiber optics – are already qualified in advance by the major aircraft manufacturers and can be used flexibly and individually due to the modular design. In addition, the concept saves time and money. SCHOTT Reading Lights fly in a variety of ways around the globe: for example, with SAS, Virgin Australia or Lufthansa. A sophisticated concept. And they look great too – even when the light is off.

The solutions from SCHOTT combine a qualified LED light source with fiber optic light guides.

June 16th, 2017


Brigitte Sterf
Lighting & Imaging
SCHOTT North America, Inc.

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