Three-time winners

This year’s German Innovation Award is firmly in SCHOTT’s hands. Three of the company’s lighting solutions were honored for their innovative power.

From a total of 650 entries the German Design Council selected HelioJet® Spectrumcc in the category “Excellence in Business to Business (B2B)”, section “Lighting Solutions”, for the German Innovation Award in Gold. This LED system for aircraft cabins won the jury over by providing the right light for a pleasant flight: “This LED lighting system, which was specially developed for aircraft cabins, provides maximum homogeneous lighting and color stability for a broad range of lighting scenarios, including exact brand colours. This groundbreaking system also uses considerably fewer LEDs, thus cutting costs” says the laudation. Unlike conventional LED cabin lighting, HelioJet® technology uses an optical light converter illuminated by LEDs. A sensor system ensures maximum homogeneous light and color stability. Light distribution is extremely even. HelioJet® is easy to install and ecologically friendly in its overall assessment.

The environmentally friendly PURAVIS® glass optical fibers were also recognized. They are commonly used in the medical sector, reproducing colors with particular naturalness and stability over a long period of time help surgeons “see more”.

The jury also found the new SCHOTT LuminaLine concept worthy of the “Winner” award. The interior – or soul – of the glass composite light guide shines with homogeneous, powerful light. The cladding is thermally toughened, making it extremely resistant to breaking, heat, moisture and chemicals. Its fields of use are numerous. Whether in the automotive or medical sector or for household appliances – options for creative use know no bounds.

June 7, 2018


Brigitte Sterf
Lighting & Imaging
SCHOTT North America, Inc.