Triple win for the SCHOTT® Jade Reading Light

German Innovation Award 2021 GOLD completes award series

The German Design Council awarded the SCHOTT® Jade Reading Light with GOLD in the 2021 German Innovation Award, in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Aviation & Maritime Technologies”. It recognizes Jade as an aesthetically and technically outstanding product that “offers the passenger a feeling of contemporary technology through the improved user experience.”

“We are extremely proud and honored that our Jade Reading Light is recognized for bringing innovation to the aviation industry by the German Design Council,” says Philip Fischer, Vice President Aviation at SCHOTT. “I would like to congratulate the SCHOTT Aviation Seat Lighting Team as well as our design partner PriestmanGoode on this fantastic achievement – in fact on all three awards that we have received for Jade just recently.” SCHOTT was already honored as Winner of the German Design Award 2021 and as finalist of the Crystal Cabin Award 2020 in the respective categories.

“These three award exemplify the outstanding results that you can achieve through great collaboration. The Jade Reading Light combines SCHOTT’s expertise in glass technology with PriestmanGoode’s experience of designing human-centered, bespoke products that improve the user experience”, says Ben Rowan, Director at PriestmanGoode. “Congratulations to both teams for this great recognition.”

A revolutionary break

“SCHOTT® Jade is the first reading light for airplane seats made of glass and is not only convincing in terms of formal aesthetics, but also technically at an extremely high level. Even the operation, which is done intuitively by swiping, just like on a smartphone, offers the passenger a feeling of contemporary technology thanks to the improved user experience. For many years, hardly anything has changed in terms of design in the area of reading light in aircraft cabins, although the topic plays a role in the overall perception of the flight experience that should not be underestimated. The innovative SCHOTT® Jade Reading Light is a revolutionary break with this rigid state of affairs,” was the Jury statement of the German Design Council.

From left to right: Yvonne Winter, Eric Elfen, Dr. Haike Frank, Philip Fischer, representing the whole Aviation Team at BU L. Photo: SCHOTT

May 18, 2021


Brigitte Sterf
Lighting and Imaging
SCHOTT North America, Inc.