Flexible Fiber Optic Sighting System (FOSS)

The SCHOTT® Flexible Fiber Optic Sighting System (FOSS) utilizes SCHOTT’s wound fiber bundle technology, allowing end users to regain lost fire control capabilities using passive imaging.

The ability to fight with a less than fully operational fire control system drives the requirement for passive, direct view auxiliary targeting sights and situational awareness systems. Advanced electro-optical and infrared imaging fire control systems will continue to remain vulnerable to power loss and damage.

Traditional optical systems rely on prisms, image relay tubes and complex designs, which increase the weight of the system, the on-board space required in the platform and the design complexity. When you replace the traditional optical system with SCHOTT FOSS, you allow for more functional interior space and reduce the overall weight of the platform.
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Exhibition COMPAMED, Duesseldorf, Germany, 11-12 to 11-15-2018
Exhibition SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, CA, USA, 02-05 to 02-07-2019
Exhibition IDS - International Dental Show, Cologne, Germany, 03-12 to 03-16-2019
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