XL Faceplates

We have increased the format size of one-piece fiber optic faceplates to an area beyond 320mm x 320mm.

For the digital X-ray market, our fiber optic components perform 3 functions:
  1. as a substrate onto which scintillating coatings are deposited,
  2. as a light guide which efficiently couples the scintillating screen to the photosensitive device, such as a CCD or CMOS detector, delivering high resolution images at improved contrast, and
  3. the X-ray absorption properties of the fiber optic plates protect the photodetectors from damage and prevent extraneous noise from compromising the images.
SCHOTT faceplates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be manufactured with fiber optic elements ranging from 4 microns in diameter to 25 microns, or larger.
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