Midi, Mini and Maxi Ringlights

These ringlights are used for intense, uniform, and shadow-free illumination for 19 to 53 mm objective diameters. 

Mini Ringlight, A08650
Mini Ringlights
Characteristics – Mini Ringlight

Fit microscope and camera objectives from 19 to 32.5 mm. Working distance is .5” to 4” (13 to 102)

Characteristics – Midi and Mini

Thumbscrew mounting system for precise positioning, ringlights fit directly on most microscope and camera objectives without adapters. 

See the accessories section of the catalog for adapters.
Vertical exit bundle option increases work space and prevents the bundle from interfering with surrounding objects
Midi Ringlights
Characteristics – Midi Ringlight

Fit microscope and camera objectives from 38 to 53 mm.
Working distance is 1.25” to 3.5” (32 to 89 mm)
4" Ringlight, A08700
Maxi Ringlights
8" Ringlight, A08710
Characteristics – 4” Ringlight

Fiber ring diameter is 4.5” (114 mm. The working distance ranges from 2” to 8” (51 to 203 mm). Light exits at 40 degree angle for specular-free illumination. Randomized fiber bundle maximizes uniformity

Characteristics – 8” Ringlight

Low Profile ringlights for working distances from 2.5” to over 4.5 (64 to 114 mm). The #1/4-20 mounting threads in the coupler (front and top) and the fiber bundle is protected with stainless steel tubing.
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