MLS Light Source

Cv mls 640 640
MLS Light Source, A20400

Product and Performance Characteristics

The SCHOTT MLS offers several advantages over other types of fiber optic light sources used in microscopy & static machine  vision applications, including:
  • Long-life  of LED light engine
  • Fan-less  vibration  free operation
  • Fits all COLDVision light guides
  • Stable light output with minimal variation in color temperature
  • Low power consumption (~18 watts)
  • Small footprint and world-wide, universally compatible power supply with interchangeable plugs
  • Optional light On/Off control via handheld remote or footswitch.   Handheld remote also controls light output intensity.
  • Temperature monitoring for protection  of the LED light engine
  • Approvedcompliant & CE RoHS
  • ESD outlet connection.
  • Mounting Options: (available separately)
    • Pedestal Mount
    • Post Mounts via KL200 LED Series
Dimensions Length:  102 mm (4 inches)
Width:  140 mm (5.5 inches)
Height:  117 mm (4.6
Weight 0.8 kg (1.7 lbs
Operating Temperature 5° C (41° F) to 40 ° C (104° F)
Color Temperature 6000 K
Power Consumption ~ 18 Watts

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