Universal Ringlight

SCHOTT ringlights emit intense, uniform, and shadow-free illumination for Microscopy and Machine Vision applications

Product and Performance Characteristics
  • Fits microscope  and camera objectives from 33 to 81 mm with appropriate clamps
  • Working distance is 1.5” to 6” (38 to 152 mm)
  • 33” (838 mm) bundle length on all models
  • Two unique clamping/mounting systems for precise positioning, most ringlights fit directly onto the microscope and camera objective without adapters
  • Inputs fit all ColdVision light sources; ringlights can be used with other manufacturer’s continuous light sources although adapters may be necessary
  • Use ringlights with our dichroic color filters, diffusers, polarizer/analyzers, and reflector rings for alternative lighting effects
  • Vertical exit bundle option increases work space and prevents the bundle from interfering with surrounding objects
  • Modified standard and custom ringlights are also available for your unique requirements
  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) option is available on custom basis
Universal Ringlight
Universal Ringlight A08600.1 (new clamp style)
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