VisiLED Ring Lights

VisiLED UV Ring light with brightfield and UV illumination

VisiLED UV Ring Light

The new SCHOTT® VisiLED UV Ring Light for stereo microscopes combines classic bright-field illumination with UV illumination. It is the only segment ring light on the market in which white-light and UV-LEDs are alternately installed in eight segments. This LED arrangement allows objects to be examined from the same illumination angle, which significantly improves the ability to compare and reproduce resulting images. While the homogenous white light displays samples in natural color, UV excitation reveals previously invisible parts of the sample through fluorescence. The SCHOTT MC 1100 Controller makes it easy to switch between the two illumination modes.

The UV Ring Light for stereo microscopes is used in applications such as forensic document examination, crack detection or examination of paints and varnishes. With fluorescent markers and UV light, previously invisible details can be made visible. A UV protection filter in the observation path ensures that the user can look safely at the sample through the eyepieces and clean operation of the microscope camera.

Ring Light Portfolio

VisiLED Ring Lights are available in brightfield, darkfield and UV versions. All offer extremely homogeneous and shadow-free illumination in a robust metal housing, with a well-designed heat sink enabling maximum brightness and a long lifetime. In combination with accessories such as diffusers, polarizer sets and adaptor rings, different illumination modes are possible.


  • Slim ergonomic design.
  • Specially selected LEDs.
  • Maintenance-free with an lifetime of 50,000 hours for white LEDs.
  • Actively controlled LED temperature.
  • Darkfield Ring Light adaptable to various objective diameters and working distances.
  • Five segment modes possible:
    circle, semi-circle, quarter-circle, dual-segment and four-segment.


  • Extra-fine dimming.
  • Unique Slim Ring Light adjustable for various working distances and darkfield.
  • Dedicated versions compatible with objective revolvers.
  • UV Ring Light allows electronic switching between bright field and UV.
Different segment modes of VisiLED Ring Lights
Different segment modes of VisiLED Ring Lights
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