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i-Scope® Viewer for Android™ now available for SCHOTT MORITEX skin counseling system

Software now available on Google PlayTM
SCHOTT MORITEX, a provider of cosmetic counseling systems, has registered its cosmetic consulting skin imaging system software for the i-Scope® Viewer for Android™ on Google Play™. The software can now be downloaded from the Google Play store app for free, enabling cosmetics professionals using the i-Scope® USB 2.0 to easily observe and record skin condition on Android-enabled tablet computers. SCHOTT MORITEX will exhibit the i-Scope® USB 2.0 and i-Scope® Viewer for Android at the HBA Global Expo this week in New York.

SCHOTT MORITEX skin counseling systems are used by international cosmetic manufacturers as marketing tools. The new i-Scope® Viewer for Android was developed to achieve a more handy counseling method using tablet computers. The product is now available on Google Play in three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese.

The i-Scope® Viewer for Android is the fitting software for the i-Scope® USB 2.0. The program allows cosmetic skincare professionals to easily observe their clients’ skin condition in detail: by moving the scope along the skin, capturing images and saving them, comparing two images in one screen or viewing multiple saved images simultaneously. The i-Scope® USB 2.0 is a scope equipped with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that can be used to observe skin, scalp and hair conditions by connecting the USB cable to a computer. Five lens options are available.

Whereas the software for the i-Scope® USB 2.0 could only be used with Microsoft Windows® OS before, it is now also compatible with Android OS and can thus also be used on Android tablets. Users who have purchased the i-Scope® USB 2.0 for Windows® in the past can now also download this software to their Android tablets.

Technical data:


· 30×PL lens: For skin observation of texture and pigmentation

· 50×PL lens: For skin observation of texture and pigmentation

· 120× lens: For scalp and hair observation

· 200× lens: For scalp and hair observation

· 700× lens: For hair and cuticle observation

Features of i-Scope® USB 2.0 Android and specification of i-Scope® Viewer for Android

· Connection: Wired (mini-USB cables)

· No additional setting necessary on tablet PC; easy connection

· Stable view of moving pictures

· Compatible devices: Versions after Android ver. 3.2 are USB host capable (except for some devices)

· Can check skin condition by capturing still images

· Can display two images in one screen. Can check different parts of the skin

· Can save displayed images

· Can display multiple saved images

· Available in English, Japanese and Chinese

* Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.

* Google Play is a trademark of Google, Inc.

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

* i-Scope is a registered trademark of SCHOTT Moritex Corporation.

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