Complete Assembly of Image Intensifier, Taper and CCD
Taper bonded to CCD
Taper bonded to CCD
Fused Fiber Optic components are used in many imaging applications. Among these are CCD coupling, input and output windows for image intensifier tubes, cathode ray tube faceplates, medical and dental imaging, and special scientific applications. Each application is discussed briefly along with the special considerations that accompany each application.

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CCD Coupling
Both faceplates and tapers are used as couplers for CCD chips. In the case of faceplates , the fiber optic is used as a cover window for the CCD surface and performs the following functions:
protects the CCD surface from physical damage; provides an x-ray absorption layer to protect the CCD from x-ray damage; allows for direct 1:1 coupling with other optical devices; provides a surface for direct coating (such as a phosphor screen); and provides for more efficient coupling than with a lens.
In addition, fiber optic tapers offer these additional benefits:
  • Provide a larger active area, which is reduced in size to match the CCD dimensions
  • Allow for combination of many tapers/CCD's to form a large viewing area.
As opposed to the alternatives of direct coupling and lens coupling to the CCD, fiber optics offer some attractive alternatives.

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