Industrial Inspection

A sensor measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or an instrument. Fiber optics are very often an essential component of sensors in environments with high temperatures or in explosive surroundings. We also offer custom tailored software, an additional key component for any sensor. Lighting and Imaging is your professional contact when it comes to design sensors that are easily to install and operate. We focus on fiber optical systems to determine temperature, flow or pressure.
For the quality control of print products like newspapers it is necessary to precisely determine the position of the paper and the quality of the print in the printing lane. For this purpose a test pattern on the processed paper is illuminated and the reflected light is analysed. Due to the lack of space and fire protection requirements this analysis often takes place in a external analysing unit. Flexible light guides from SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging provide the ideal illumination of the test patterns and the transfer of reflected light to the external analyzing unit.
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