Lightline Support Apparatus

Lightline Holder
3" Lightline, A08903, with Holder, A08901, supported by an articulated arm, A08506, and base, A08507
Lightline holder for accurate positioning in both industrial and laboratory environments.
Lightline holder, A08901
Lightline holder, A08901
Custom Lightline holder with M6 thread. Will support
3” (76) to 10” (254) single lightlines when attached to an articulated arm and base.
Articulated Arm, A08506, Linelight Accessory, Gooseneck Accessory
Articulated Arm, A08506
Articulated arm with M6 threads on both ends. Versatile accessory easily locked into place with only one knob. Can be used with our base and V-clamp and will accept all holders
Base, A08507, Lightline Accessory, Gooseneck Accessory
Base, A08507
3 1/2 lb. Base for attaching up to three support arms and/or posts at once. M6 threads only.
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