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Flexible Light Guides

Flexible light guides make it possible to direct light from any chosen point, balancing any relative movement between the light source, the illuminated object or the detector. Light guides consist of a single fiber or compact fiber bundles surrounded by a sheathing. The end faces are mounted and glued in ferrules at either end which are then ground and polished.

In order to provide you with the ideal solution for your application, we at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offer next to a wide range of different fiber types a variety of sheathings and heavy duty end surface terminations. We can look back at over four decades of expertise in the design of customized light guides for different industries and are proud to offer you a fast, innovative and reliable service.

Fiber types
SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging produces a large range of fibers with different optical characteristics, e. g. numerical apertures, transmission, bending radii and high resistance against heat.
These fibers can be drawn to customer specific diameters.
Please find enclosed the detailed information of the most important fiber types in "Downloads".

Whether and for how long a light guide operates reliably depends to a large extent on the protective sheathing. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers many different types of sheathing, so that fiber bundles can be protected against varied mechanical and physical environments. The sheathing is an integral structural component of any light guide. There is a standard range of protective sheathing including e.g. PVC, TPU and protective tubes to suit particular applications.

End surface termination
Depending on your needs different end surface termination types are available. In addition to the standard termination with epoxy, we offer special termination methods for maximized light efficiency and resistance against high temperatures.
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