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SCHOTT solutions 1/2012

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SCHOTT solutions 1/2012  
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Environmentally Friendly Fibers
The optical glass fiber PURAVIS™ draws its advantages from the high-purity raw materials used and is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process that does without lead, arsenic and antimony.

Glass has a long tale to tell
SCHOTT pharma services offers customers analytic services for pharmaceutical packaging.

Fit for High-end Applications
Young SCHOTT researcher developed glass-ceramics for high-power mobile phone antennas..

Natural Power? - Yes, Please!
SCHOTT ROBAX® calls for more ecological use of wood as a valuable source of energy.

The New Value of Electricity
Solar thermal technologies offer many advantages on how to use energy and expand the grid.

The Fascination of Digital 3-D Cinema
Prisms made of extremely homogeneous glass allow for digital projection of first-class spatial images.

In a Case full of Cash
Safety containers that contain conturAX® Pro cartridges protect cash from unauthorized access.

A Material with Future Potential
A scientific memorial colloquium discussed how glass-ceramics open up new possibilities.

Glassy Trademark
Dimples in glass surfaces allow for new design solutions in operating electronic appliances.

A Modern Enactment of the Arabian Nights
Abu Dhabi’s “Central Market” combines tradition with modern times with its splendid color windows.

Glass Protects Textile World of Experiences
The issue of “fire protection in a monument” was resolved in the Textile Museum in Augsburg.

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