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SCHOTT solutions 1/2015  
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Multitalented glass
Glass and glass-ceramics surprise us as versatile materials that can transform, transport, store and use energy. As ”hidden champions,” they also offer solutions for the energy technologies of the future, from high-temperature fuel cells and batteries for electric cars to ­capacitors for use in renewable energy.

Breakage resistant just in case
SCHOTT has developed chemically hardened cartridges that help pharmaceutical companies and patients avoid glass breakage.

Brilliant minis
The Solidur™ Mini LED is the world’s smallest sterilizable light diode and is used for direct illumination in medicine.

Inventive spirit with a perfect outlook
Thanks to innovative technology and DURAN® glass tubes, live streaming of 360-degree panorama videos is now possible.

Bright, clear, smart
SCHOTT CERAN® Smart View technology allows for high contrast and bright light displays on cooktop panels.

Flexible electronics on rolled glass
A government funded project is aimed at developing new technologies for organic light diodes (OLEDs) by using rolled, ultra-thin glass.

Simply more beautiful
The new design of SCHOTT TopPac® polymer syringes for use in cosmetic medicine received the SCHOTT Innovation Award.

Operating with the tap of a Finger
SCHOTT® Smart Touch technology combines intuitive user interfaces with a luxurious look.

Angular design is very popular
The results of a study show that fireplace enthusiasts are willing to spend more to buy an angular bent viewing panel made of one piece of glass-ceramic.

Recovering energy intelligently
Flue gas heat exchangers equipped with DURAN® glass tubes economically provide households with condensing boiler technology.

Goodbye to scratches and glare
A new ”Hard & Clear” coating for mobile device displays reduces scratches and reflections to a minimum.

Safe viewing of critical processes
Sight glasses made of BOROFLOAT® 33 allow for safer viewing of industrial transport systems, pipes and boilers.

Living quality every day
”100 percent responsibility” is the motto for SCHOTT’s campaign for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging.

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