solutions 1/2006 – additional informations

Prince El Hassan bin Talal, President of the Club of Rome (Photo: Club of Rome)
Club of Rome: Solar electricity unites north and south

The Club of Rome has introduced an initiative aimed at bringing Europe, the Middle East and North Africa together in building solar thermal power plants. At the “World Energy Dialogue” held during the Hanover Trade Fair 2006, Club Chairman Prince El Hassan bin Talal said the facilities would be able to export power to Europe and, at the same time, provide drinking water to dry countries by desalinizing salt-water through combined heat and power generation.

Space is certainly no problem. The suitable areas in North Africa alone would suffice in accommodating solar thermal power plants that generate a multiple of the world’s global electrical power requirements. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 and consists of 100 prominent members from all five continents. Concern for the future of humanity is what they have in common.
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