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Shuitsu Nishina, President and ceo of MORITEX Photo: MORITEX

“Benefiting from each other”

MORITEX President and CEO Shuitsu Nishina on the rationale behind closer cooperation with SCHOTT.

solutions: MORITEX is a new member of the SCHOTT Group. Can you please briefly describe your company?

Nishina: MORITEX is the largest Japanese company that manufactures and sells precision equipment consisting of optical fibers and special materials. Since it was founded, our company has advanced to its current position by cultivating technological expertise, product quality and customer orientation.

solutions: What main markets are you active in?

Nishina: Today, one of our main businesses is machine vision systems. We supply our products to customers who produce manufacturing and inspection systems in semicon, electronics, and FPD markets. Furthermore, we develop and manufacture in Japan and China. With subsidiaries in Asia, the U.S. and Europe, MORITEX also has a global presence.

solutions: What were the initial reasons for liaising with SCHOTT?

Nishina: The alliance dates back to mid 2007. We immediately realized that both companies can benefit from each other’s capabilities. This will secure a higher level of closeness to our customers.

solutions: And what began as a sales and purchase cooperation ended up in a capital tie up?

Nishina: We considered a capital tie up to be the most profound solution. This enables us to merge the technological platforms without restrictions. SCHOTT is widely recognized for its outstanding capabilities in melting and drawing fibers. MORITEX has distinctive abilities in applying fiber optic, as well as LED technologies, to the development of customer-specific system solutions.

solutions: For the benefit of the customers…

Nishina: Of course. By sharing our expertise, we can provide customers with solutions that wouldn’t be possible for SCHOTT or MORITEX alone. <|
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