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Photo: Energiebau/Marieantoinetta Peru

Role model for a sustainable future

Thanks to energy-efficient building technology and a high-performance photovoltaic system, the office building on the UN campus in Nairobi that opened in March 2011 is considered to be energy-neutral. The solar power system installed by Energiebau from Cologne, Germany, with 4.000 solar modules from SCHOTT Solar even produces more electricity than the 1,200 employees need. Each year, Africa’s first energy-neutral office building saves 420,000 kilograms of CO2. The UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon (photo) praised this building as a role model for a sustainable future by saying, ”This system embodies the new ’Green Economy’ that can lead to a cleaner future, create jobs and stimulate new economic growth.”

Three Records All at Once

200,000 solar modules for delivery to Premier Solar India
SCHOTT Solar will be delivering 200,000 SCHOTT ASI® photovoltaic modules that have a total output volume of 20 megawatts to India. The customer Premier Solar is a long-term partner of SCHOTT Solar and its order breaks three records all at once. It is the largest order so far for SCHOTT Solar in Asia and the largest ever from a single customer worldwide for SCHOTT Solar Thin Film GmbH. It is also the most comprehensive contract ever signed by SCHOTT AG in India. The country is seeking to secure its energy supply over the long term and lower its dependence on fossil fuels even further. The goal is to install 20 gigawatts of solar power by the year 2022. <|

Modular Reading Lights in a Versatile Design

Standardized technology platform makes them easier to use in aviation
Putting integrated reading lights to use in the seats of airplanes usually means having to make complex technical adjustments and incurs time-consuming approval processes. For this reason, SCHOTT has developed a series of modular reading lights that offer unique advantages. They meet a wide range of design requirements and are based on a single electronic light module. This standardized technology platform is already being pre-approved by aircraft manufacturers. This will do away with much of the approval work and make these products much easier to use for suppliers and airlines. <|

Bodyguard Made of Glass

Slim special glass ”secure” protects against fire and break-in attempts

The demands for security in facilities and buildings like prisons, ministries, embassies, museums and banks are becoming more and more stringent. And so are the technical requirements. Here, the new product SCHOTT Pyranova® secure that is based on the proven special glass SCHOTT Pyranova® for use in fire resistant glazing is proving that even thin and light glasses are capable of meeting the respective demands for fire, personal and building protection. When processed into a multifunctional laminate (photo: autoclaving process), it now also meets high requirements with respect to manual attacks, breakthroughs and bullet resistance, yet weighs considerably less than conventional glass laminates. <|

Stronger Presence in South America

New Pharmaceutical Packaging Plant in Argentina
The Pharmaceutical Packaging division of SCHOTT has opened a new manufacturing facility for pharmaceutical ampoules and vials in Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires. Some 200 representatives of South American pharmaceutical companies and the world of politics attended the opening ceremony in November 2010. This new plant that will employ 150 people to start with will help SCHOTT to extend its position as a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical industry in South America even further. Studies indicate that the pharmaceutical market in this large region should grow by an average of nearly 10 percent each year through 2013. <|
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Photo: BMW AG

In Series for the First Time

Ambient lighting solution from schott shines in a crossover vehicle
Ambient lighting doesn’t shine only in the luxury car class. In the MINI Countryman that was introduced in 2010, the so-called center rail, in other words the middle rail that extends from the gearshift in the front all the way back to between the rear seats, bathes in soft light. Optional contour lighting from SCHOTT consists of glass fiber light guides that draw their light from LEDs and emit it in a uniform manner. They are even infinitely adjustable in mixed color shades of orange to blue. The interior door panels can also be illuminated appropriately by choosing the ambient lighting package. The objective behind lighting concepts like these is to contribute to greater comfort and offer orientation, even during longer drives. <|

More Creativity for Architectural Glass

SCHOTT and OKALUX join forces
Planners and architects for the most part will benefit from this. The SCHOTT technology group and the insulation glass manufacturer OKALUX will be working together more closely to offer greater creative freedom in the area of glass for buildings. OKALUX will be offering futuristic solutions that use daylight with the help of special inserts in the spaces between the panes. SCHOTT Architecture + Design offers high-quality special-purpose glass products and solutions for sophisticated functional designs in façades, interiors, lighting, fire prevention and building-integrated photovoltaics. Thanks to the numerous combinations possible, SCHOTT and OKALUX are able to offer a virtually unlimited product range. <|

Elected to the Board of EPIA

Dr. Martin Heming a board member of the world’s largest solar industry association
At its annual general meeting in March, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) elected Dr. Martin Heming to its board by a large majority. The Chairman of the Board of SCHOTT Solar AG is responsible for the areas of strategy, research and development, public relations, personnel, auditing and sales and marketing. Dr. Heming also represents the solar division as a member of the Corporate Management Committee of the parent company, SCHOTT AG. He has been contributing his professional experience to the EPIA board since 2010. <|
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