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Fire in a New Dimension

Multiple angular shaped ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels offer a wider view of the flames. And thanks to a special bending technology, they are made of only a single piece of glass-ceramic.

Alexander Lopez

Fire 3.0: True to the motto ”The new standard is 3-dimensional,” viewing panels in multiple angular shapes that feature more than two bending edges are now being introduced to the market for the first time. The idea is to bring that campfire feeling into the living room. ”Our new glass-ceramic viewing panels offer a panorama view of the fire – with opening angles of over 180 degrees,” explains Tobias Weiß, Product Manager at SCHOTT ROBAX®. This is made possible by a new bending technology that allows for glass-ceramic panels with up to four parallel bending edges to be manufactured – in one piece. In addition, two of the edges can even run nonparallel to one another.

This new and enhanced product line opens up completely new design options for fireplace designers and manufacturers. The decorative colors that were introduced in 2012 will also contribute to this. A unique metallic look that includes a 3-D effect is achieved by way of a special printing technique to further enhance angular ROBAX® panels. <
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