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Regardless of whether it’s French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese or Fusion, at the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, international cuisine turns out to be perfect, thanks to the cooking skills of Ling Jianwei and the latest kitchen appliances that feature CERAN® glass ceramic cooktop panels with induction technology. Photo: SCHOTT/A. Lu

Cooking in Shanghai’s Skies

For Ling Jianwei, Head Chef of Asia’s highest restaurant in Shanghai, one of SCHOTT’s bestselling products, CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels, is one of his recipes for success.

Andreas Kunz

Ling Jianwei proudly points to the more than 30 CERAN® cooktops that his team of more than 55 cooks use every day in his huge kitchen. Like most of China's top chefs, Ling also believed that special dishes could only be cooked using gas and constantly practices the secret of Chinese cooking, controlling the fire, even today. Ten years ago, he became fascinated with how precisely temperatures can be controlled and how quickly and cleanly you can cook on CERAN® cooktop panels. In the meantime, he knows that only those who use innovative cooking technology can compete with the very best. The 34-year-old Chef of the Oriental Pearl Tower restaurant in Shanghai is responsible for more than 150 employees. They surprise around 800 guests each day at a height of 267 meters by serving 200 different dishes from at least five well-known international cuisines. These are also perfect for open, self-service show kitchens because the food can be kept at the ideal temperature for longer periods of time on more than twenty induction zones. ”Induction cooktop panels are just perfect for open, self-service show kitchens,” the star chef explains.
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Lu
Every year, Ling invites international chefs to present prepared exotic dishes using new recipes. These star chefs often show his team how to prepare very special dishes particularly well on CERAN® cooktops. In moments like these, it occurs to him that for Western cuisine, cooking on an electric glass-ceramic cooktop is an increasingly important part of learning how to be a chef.

Chef Ling also appreciates the benefits of using slow cooking processes and likes preparing new dishes that are steamed or cooked with slow brewing techniques. He prefers using CERAN® cooktops mainly because he is then able to control the boiling processes or to allow soups to simmer for a long time. When they opened the new Caledonian kitchen at the Oriental Tower just recently, they prepared a pork roast that cooked for more than 48 hours. It was served to the guests and had a very exotic taste, with a crispy crust and tender meat. The meal was joined by a selection of briefly steamed fresh vegetables from a large CERAN® wok, which only the very best chefs are allowed to use in the main kitchen. ”It turned out to be just perfect but would never have been possible without using the latest innovative appliances that are part of the contemporary kitchen!” <
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