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SCHOTT – energy technologies of the future
Source: SCHOTT/ Transquer

Trailblazer on energy technologies of the future

Glass is truly multitalented when it is used in energy technology and holds many surprises due to its various properties and the functions it can perform. SCHOTT develops many different types of special glasses and glass-ceramics for converting, transporting, storing and using electrical energy. In fact, these versatile materials are key components in many future applications ranging from high-temperature fuel cells, innovative batteries for electric cars, high-performance, high-voltage capacitors for offshore wind turbines or fiber optic cables for high- voltage direct current transmission in converter stations. Last, but not least, the respective SCHOTT products make extremely important contributions to the the switchover to renewable energy sources (see Multitalented glass).
Prestigious Honor
Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Barner, President of the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany, presents the award to Theresia Bauer, Minister of Science in Baden-Württemberg and the Chairwoman of the Donors’ Association. Photo: Kornelia Danetzki/Deutscher Hochschulverband

Prestigious Honor

The Carl Zeiss Foundation was recognized as the ”Scientific Foundation of the Year 2015” at the Gala of German Science held by the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers.  The sole shareholder of SCHOTT AG and Carl Zeiss AG received this important award for how it ”builds bridges between business and science, allows universities to open up innovative new fields of research and acts as an important source of impulses that courageously invests in the future to support young researchers.” From 2007 to 2014, the Carl Zeiss Foundation appropriated more than EUR 80 million in support for science. These funds came from the profits that the two Foundation companies ZEISS and SCHOTT have paid to the Foundation as dividends. Various support programs in natural science and technical subjects are thus financed at universities in the German states Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia where the Foundation and the Foundation companies have their headquarters. <
PYRAN® Inspires the Architectural World

PYRAN® Inspires the Architectural World

Fire-resistant glazing with SCHOTT PYRAN®S unites reliable performance with architectural beauty. And this has been recognized by architects and planners throughout Europe. Prestigious construction projects have been inspired by the versatility of SCHOTT glazing. The new buildings Espace Culturel Aimé Césaire in Gennevilliers near Paris and the shopping, cultural and restaurant center Bálna in
Budapest (photo) are just a couple examples. Solutions that incorporate PYRAN®S is used in these types of projects for many different applications, from roof and façade constructions to partitions, smoke barriers and doors. This borosilicate glass has been tested according to international standards. <
Fiber Rods for Dental Technology
Photo: SCHOTT/H. Fischer

Fiber Rods for Dental Technology

SCHOTT has extended its PURAVIS® environmentally-friendly product family of flexible step index fibers to also include rigid fiber rods. These are particularly well-suited for use in dental handpieces, as well as light poly-merization instruments. High intensity light can now be brought to an area where only very little room for lighting is available. Thanks to the improved material properties, transmission in the blue wavelength range has also been extended. This allows for additional applications such as the detection of dental caries and cancer screening based on the latest fluorescence diagnostics. <
What's your next milestone?

New Global Brand Campaign

”What’s your next milestone?” By asking this important question, SCHOTT is looking to enter into an active worldwide dialogue. The new image campaign thus makes the objective the company shares with its customers the main focus of its communications. Twelve powerful photographs and an image film visualize its most important fields of business, explain what successful SCHOTT products
and applications make possible and underscore SCHOTT’s self-image – to act as an innovative partner to many different industries, including the home appliance industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, automotive and aviation. To learn more about the campaign motifs, visit: <
HelioJet auf Jungfernflug
Photo: SCHOTT/ S. Brüggemann

HelioJet™ on Its Maiden Flight

The cabin lighting solution HelioJet™ SpectrumCC developed by SCHOTT embarked on its first scheduled flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Newark, New Jersey, in mid-February. It is now a main element of the new cabin design on board the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airbus 330 ”Erik Viking” aircraft. Six other SAS airplanes have also been equipped with this solution that provides functional as well as colored ambient light-ing. SAS is the first airline to have adopted this innovation that combines specialty optical glass with LED technology and produces extremely homogeneous light via sensor control.
Photo: SCHOTT/ O. Szekely

80 Years of Ampoules for Brazil

To celebrate 80 years of being active in Brazil, SCHOTT has underscored its plans to continue investing in its pharmaceutical packaging plant in Itupeva. The goal is to support the growing domestic pharmaceutical industry by offering high-quality pharmaceutical packaging that is manufactured locally. The plant, which is located near Sao Pãulo and certified according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), has been continuously updated since SCHOTT first began manufacturing in Brazil. Last year alone, the company invested 15 million Brazilian real (approx. EUR 4.5 million) in the plant. Pharmaceutical companies use the ampoules, vials and cartridges that are manufactured in Itupeva to package their life-saving drugs safely. <
SCHOTT – Produktionsstandort in Asien
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

Leading Role in Asia

SCHOTT opened its first production site in Asia four decades ago. SCHOTT Glass Malaysia, as one of the first multinational companies in ”Silicon Penang,” has grown since 1975 to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, semi-finished products and optical components and now supplies to the optics markets in Europe and Southeast Asia. Today, its roughly 550 employees in Penang specialize in manufacturing pressed optical blanks and optical components as well as in processing thin glasses and wafers for applications in the fields of medical technology, optoelectronics and the semiconductor industry. <
Rohr aus DURAN® Borosilikatglas

World Record Tube

SCHOTT has manufactured the world’s largest industrially produced glass tube at its Bavarian site in Mitterteich, Germany. This tube made of DURAN® borosilicate glass is 1.5 meters in length and has a wall thickness of 8.5 millimeters. With an external diameter of 460 millimeters, the diameter of this tube made by SCHOTT now exceeds the world’s previous record-holding glass tube by 40 millimeters. Manufacturing a glass tube of these dimensions requires a sophisticated drawing process to ensure that it doesn’t collapse under its own weight. With its world record tube, SCHOTT now offers a wide variety of new prospects for applications in areas such as architecture, retail and chemistry. <
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