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Ceran® Design Award
SCHOTT will produce the winning cooktop ”HexTwist” from design graduate Leyla Basaran from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt as a small series together with a partner from the home appliance industry. Photo: SCHOTT/J. Schulz

Creative Cooktop Designs

”HexTwist” is the name of the winning cooktop design from industrial designer Leyla Basaran, who took home the top jury award in the first SCHOTT CERAN® Design Award competition. The entries showed that innovative glass-ceramic cooktops are anything but simply black.

Dr. Haike Frank

”HexTwist” is an aesthetic, contemporary design: building on elegant points, an exquisite modern image comes into play. The 45° grid, comprising several individual hexagons, is set in motion at the center of the cooking surface. This concept is what gave the design its name. The decorative color ”flash copper” on the black cooking surface creates an elegant impression with a metallic effect. Leyla Basaran created the ”HexTwist” design and received the first jury award, which came with a cash prize of EUR 3,000. She studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt and now works as a design editor and social media manager. ”HexTwist” interprets the origins of cooking through modern art. The winning design imitates the glow of an open fireplace; it symbolizes heat, which slowly glimmers and unfurls,” Basaran said in explaining her concept.
Ceran® Design Award
”HexTwist” has an aesthetic, contemporary design: the 45 ° grid consisting of many hexagons is put into motion in the center of the cooking surface. The decorative color ”flash copper” creates a sophisticated look with a metallic effect. Photo: SCHOTT/C. Costard
Discussing the panel of judges’ decision, jury member Professor Carl Frech from the University for Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt emphasized the “outstanding, yet unpretentious design, which is distinct in its appearance while still offering a broad spectrum of possibilities in its application in a variety of kitchen environments.” Showing that it is a concept whose time has come, “HexTwist” has already attracted its first partner from the domestic appliance industry who has expressed interest in a small production run of the design.

”With the SCHOTT CERAN® Design Award, we more than achieved our original goal of not only supporting young talents, but also learning from them as well. We are elated about the number of fresh ideas and designs we received for this competition. It gave us the unique opportunity to witness firsthand how up-and-coming talents interpret cooktops and to see how kitchen designs might look in the future,” said Björn Weller, SCHOTT CERAN® Marketing Director. <

More than 400 entries

In 2015, SCHOTT launched the first SCHOTT CERAN® Design Award in Germany. The challenge was to come up with a creative design for a black CERAN® cooktop – measuring 669 mm x 479 mm – within a given set of conceptual guidelines. SCHOTT received more than 400 entries from 173 design students and young professionals, who competed for one of the ten winning spots as well for the ”Public’s Award,” which was selected via online voting, and the SCHOTT special award. <
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