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Flat glass sets trends in all areas of the kitchen: In this innovative sink, the Greek manufacturer Pyramis combines high-quality safety glass with stainless steel. Photo: Pyramis

Stylish and Easy to Clean

Leading kitchen designers introduce innovative sink units made of SCHOTT flat glass.

Astrid Rotarius

Makers of home appliances and kitchen furniture are shaping today’s kitchen into a meeting place for the whole family. Design is therefore becoming increasingly important. Here, glass allows for innovations in functionality and appearance and is therefore on the rise. Shimmering sink units made of glass match the designs of modern cooktops, oven doors and kitchen fronts just perfectly and thus clearly confirm this trend.

The sinks made of SCHOTT flat glass are safety glasses that offer high impact and breakage resistance, in addition to being easy to clean. The glass comes with premium quality printing that allows for nearly unlimited designs, colors and shapes.

”Glass is both a natural and an elegant high-tech material, that’s what makes it so appealing,” says Nicola Avi, Sales Director for SCHOTT Italvetro in Italy. ”Flat glass meets the industry’s requirements in creating esthetic and custom glass solutions for ovens, cooktops, extractor hoods, refrigerators and now also kitchen sinks,” he adds.

Various manufacturers have already introduced innovative glass sinks and accessories such as cutting boards with glass surfaces from SCHOTT. For instance, the Greek manufacturer Pyramis Metallourgia offers a rather exclusive approach with its ”Crystalon” series: ”We are now breaking with traditional concepts by combining high-quality safety glass and stainless steel,” says Nikolaos A. Bakatselos, Deputy Managing Director of Pyramis. ”The stunning look represents the future of the sink and will definitely have an impact on the kitchen.” <|
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