Vorstand der SCHOTT AG
Board of Management of SCHOTT AG: Dr. Heinz Kaiser, Hermann Ditz, Dr. Frank Heinricht (Chairman) and Dr. Jens Schulte (from left to right). Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell
Dear readers, glass and light are truly the perfect partners.

The world of optics and the invention of the light bulb confirm this. And with the LED, for the first time we now have a light source with which natural light can be almost perfectly replicated synthetically. Today, we can create lighting moods and transitions in closed rooms as well as outdoors under the open sky.

Our experts at SCHOTT have been working for decades on lighting solutions that use glass and other materials to realize such visions; for example, ambient lighting and lighting scenarios inside an airplane that provide passengers with the perfect feel-good atmosphere at any time of day or night, or comfort lighting in the car that provides orientation and creates the illusion of space.

Our technology magazine informs you as to how all of this is technically possible. In a new light, by the way. Its design has been visually ­refreshed, and it contains new topics. Furthermore, in the future every issue will focus on a key topic in detail. We are thus giving our innovation fields a broader platform in the print version and on the Internet. After all, ­innovations are what drive us – and our customers.

We wish you pleasant reading.

Dr. Frank Heinricht
Hermann Ditz
Dr. Heinz Kaiser
Dr. Jens Schulte
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